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If you’ve ever been hunting, then you know there is something special about nabbing your first deer. But from what we hear, it doesn’t compare to witnessing your child secure the first victory of their young hunting career. And when nine-year-year Tommy Allen picked off a 6-pointer earlier in January for his first ever deer, his dad Thomas couldn’t have been prouder.

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Before the historic moment, dad and son were camped out in a box blind, waiting to see what might come their way when they spotted the buck looking straight at them.

According to Outdoor Hub, the distance on the shot was 95 yards, with Tommy using a single-shot .243 Winchester. And yeah, you know the rest.

The elder of the Allen’s stated that, if you aren’t taking the time to share the great outdoors with your sons and daughters, you’re missing out. Big time.

We’d have to agree. What an awesome moment!