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A High School bully had an altercation with a fellow student in a wheelchair, leaving the boy in a hospital with a broken leg and both students suspended.

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The incident was caught on tape. It shows the bully standing over the boy then punching him as he’s brought to the ground. This all occurred after the victim went to swing at the bully, but missed.

“My son said he felt scared and threatened so he swung,” Levette White, the boy’s mother said. “When he swung, he swung, and the whole wheelchair went over.”

“I feel awful, he’s in a public school going to get an education,” White said of her son, Jordan. “He’s in a wheelchair; he has so many obstacles and hurdles in his life.”

Jordan had to be rushed to Detroit Children’s Hospital of Michigan where he underwent emergency surgery to fix his broken femur and is recovering.


The high school freshmen suffers from a brittle bone disease that makes him especially susceptible to injury.
Both students were suspended for five days for the fight. The school Superintendent released the following statement:
The situation was handled appropriately by the high school administration and school liaison officer in accordance to the Airport High School student handbook. Specific information regarding student discipline is confidential.

[h/t Fox 2 Detroit]