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Emily Bulea wasn’t happy. The 20-year-old California woman was working as a waitress and broke. But then, she figured out a way to pay for college and live a far better lifestyle:

She became a Sugar Baby.

She told BarCroft TV that she acts as an escort for older, wealthy men, and it pays. She says she doesn’t have sex with them, although she finds a friendly hug, OK. But, something they go over the line:

“It has happened before that guys have reached and grabbed my butt and those guys I don’t ever talk to again.”

She says her boyfriend finds that OK, too, and doesn’t mind her line of work, but he was stunned when he first found out:

“I know who the men are before she goes to meet them,” he said. “If you want to spend the money and it makes you happy, it never really bothered me very much.”

That’s one understanding guy.