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A WGN-TV studio meteorologist and a reporter at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport were giving a live report Wednesday morning.

According to WGN-TV, meteorologist Demetrius Ivory said severe weather was causing delays at the airport. However, Tonya Francisco gave her report, saying there were no delays.

That’s when it got interesting.

“I’m just talking like I see it,” said Francisco. “You see, I’m outside. I see what’s going on. You are inside talking about some little weather maps.”

“There’s a delay somewhere,” Ivory responded. “The least you could do is just help me out.”

The argument didn’t stop there! The two continued to go at it on another segment on the WGN-TV morning show.

Later, Ivory goes on with his report and said, “I got a place we can send Tonya next, the Moon.”

(h/t Mediaite)