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Community Restaurant and Lounge in Bethesda, Maryland took advantage of Donald Trump’s alleged pee-centered scandal with a new menu special that had customers seeing a whole lot of yellow.

Following allegations made in a 35-page intelligence dossier that claimed Trump hired Russian sex workers to pee on a bed, the Washington D.C.-area restaurant offered its “Golden Showers” burger to willing customers on January 11. Crazy stuff, right?

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For $20, with $5 from every order going to Planned Parenthood, customers were treated to a small pickle-topped burger “drenched with self-tanning cheddar and yellow mustard leaking down the sides” as well as a glass of lemonade and a lemon-glazed doughnut for an “unforgettable happy ending.”

“We decided to pile on as many yellowish components as we could,” said Nevin Martell, a food writer who helped devise the menu item along with the restaurant’s owners. “The hardest part was finding a very small pickle on short notice.”

Sounds like quite the pickle to be in.

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