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Amy Schumer is not a afraid to use her platform as a comedian to make a political statement.

This sketch was axed from her “Inside Amy Schumer” show on Comedy Central, but in the wake of the Orlando terror attack that claimed 49 lives, Comedy Central and Schumer have released the sketch online.

Those who are used to Schumer’s usual raunchy comedy might be in for a shock with this. The comedy is still there, but the jokes are dry, as Schumer directs a scene meant to make a statement more than make you laugh.

“Have you been injured in a mass shooting? Or other gun crime? Do you want justice? Hi, I’m Toby Shrak of the law firm of Shrak and Murphy, but don’t call me, because there is nothing I can do.”

The sketch with Mr. Shrak goes on to attack gun and ammo manufacturers, as well as the legal system. Want to sue anyone else? Shrak will be happy to help you? Gun manufacturers, though? Well, Shrak will at least talk on the phone with you.

Say what you will about Schumer and gun control, you have to respect her for wanting to use her platform for something she believes in.

(H/T Huffington Post)

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