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Leave it to Rhett and Link of “Good Mythical Morning” to put their lives — and skin — on the line in an experiment as beekeepers.

Upon visiting HoneyLove: Urban Beekeepers, the two “Internetainers” seemed excited to participate in the detailed production process of generating honey. They were even delighted to taste it afterwards.

“I’m putty in your hands, Bill. Anything you say, I would do,” said Link to Bill, one of the beekeepers. “That’s the power that your bees’ honey has over me.”

Taking his word, Bill dared Link to participate in an “extracurricular activity” involving 10,000 to 12,000 stinging bees.

Naturally, Link was nervous, but he refused to back down on this challenge, as he admitted that he is usually “the one who’s afraid of stuff.”

“It involves thousands of stinging insects on your face,” said Bill. “Bee beard.”

Bill placed the queen bee in a small box and taped it to Link’s neck to attract the other bees. In just seconds, they began to swarm his eyes, nose, mouth and face, all drawn by the scent of the queen.

Once they had all piled up, Rhett contributed by using a leaf blower to detach the bees from his friend’s face.

Surprisingly, the two passed Bill and Rob’s beekeeping test. But will they do it again?

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