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It was a bizarre sight in southwest Miami-Dade, Fla., Wednesday afternoon as a teen led police on an insane ATV chase.

According to Miami-Dade Police, the chase started after three 16-year-olds on ATVs approached a teen at South Dade Park, around 2 p.m., NBC Miami reported.

Police said one of the suspects fled into a building and pulled out a firearm while also threatening the victim. They said a witness called 911. When police arrived to the scene, two teens went in different directions and were eventually caught, while the other teen still led officers on a chase.

The 20-minute video shows police traveling at high speeds to try and catch the man on an ATV on a dirt path. Police said that while the chase was happening the suspect hit a marked police car and may have attempted to hit officers at the scene. At one point, the suspect even waved at the cameras.

“When you’re dealing with an armed subject that committed some type of firearms charge or allegedly committed this crime, you know, we want to catch this guy, we don’t want anyone else to be a victim,” Homestead Police Det. Fernando Morales told NBC Miami. “So the full resources are geared toward catching this person.”

Eventually, the teen surrendered and laid on the ground as an officer approached him.

Police said the teens are to be charged with aggravated assault and fleeing and eluding.

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