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If Katharine McPhee is looking to land any endorsement deals in the near future, this Instagram photo could easily land her one with California-based burger chain Carl’s Jr.

Just a couple of days ago, the 2006Β “American Idol” runner-up shared a pretty tantalizing post of her munching on a burger with fries poolside, along with the caption: “Dear @iamfitness365, I started my New Years resolution diet today. 😬#fitness #eatclean”

Dear @iamfitness365, I started my New Years resolution diet today. 😬#fitness #eatclean

A post shared by Katharine McPhee (@katharinemcphee) on

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If she can manage to maintain her amazing bikini body with the occasional burger and fries, more power to her. Besides, every once in a while you should treat yourself, not cheat yourself.