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Chad Curtis went from this …

To this …


That’s where the one-time World Series hero is these days, the hoosgow. Curtis was sentenced to 15 years for sexually assaulting three female students at Michigan high school in 2011.

The girls, however, aren’t at peace just yet. They want more.


There’s only one problem with that request, Curtis recently told a judge administering a civil case against him, according to MLive.

He ain’t got it.

“I have $39 in my personal account, the state of Michigan has taken everything I own. I realize I was wrong. I apologize. … I don’t want to make mistakes. I apologize for that mistake.”

Curtis made more than $12 million over the course of a 10-year career. He claimed during the recent hearing that the girls are lying and that the truth will set him free … well, set his bank account free.

“I know the truth is on my side. I do not believe there will be a large verdict.”

A judge saw things differently,  he found him liable for battery.

That’s good, because some of the details in the case are just flat out creepy. For example, one of his victims — a friend of his daughter’s — said he crawled into bed with her and placed his hand on her stomach before trying to go under her waistband (she pushed him away). She also said Curtis insisted on putting suntan lotion on her each morning.

Good thing he’s in jail for a while.