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A girlfriend looking for some prank revenge gets a little carried away with this one.

In a viral YouTube video with over two million views, the girlfriend can be seen dousing toilet paper with pepper spray.

She giggles all the way to the bathroom where she puts the roll on its holder and then waits for her boyfriend to come home.

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The boyfriend goes into the bathroom then comes back out moments later, holding his bottom, and demanding to know what she did.

After rolling on the floor for hiding in the wardrobe–neither of which helps—his adoring girlfriend offers to get him some ice to help alleviate some of, what looks like,¬†excruciating pain.

Only, the ice was also laced with pepper spray, adding to the boyfriend’s agony.

According to the DailyStar¬†these types of pranks are all the rage—the latest trend is to strip your friends in public.