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UPDATE: Authorities say Paul Kuzan told them he killed his wife because he thought she was Satan. According to, Kuzan, in a recorded conversation, told authorities: “I thought she was the devil. I’m dead serious. When I walked outside, I thought the apocalypse was about to start.” Kuzan was ruled mentally incompetent to stand trial earlier this year, but that ruling was overturned. His next court appearance is scheduled for Jan. 10, according to Philadelphia court records. The original story is below.

42-year-old Pamela Nightlinger was shot and killed by her husband with a crossbow at their Northeast Philadelphia home around 9:30 p.m. on Sunday, police say.

The man has been identified by family as 41-year-old Paul Kuzan, WPVI reported.

According to NBC Philadelphia, Nightlinger was shot in the chest and was found in a pool of blood by police.

Philadelphia Police Capt. Anthony Ginaldi told NBC Philadelphia that the crossbow bolt went through the couch into the wall.

Police said Nightlinger later died at Aria Torresdale Hospital around 10:30 p.m.

Earlier reports had identified the man as Nightlinger’s boyfriend.

Some neighbors spoke out about the attack and told WPVI that Kuzan had been acting strange for weeks. Another neighbor said that Kuzan was a nice man.

“I heard the police asking what happened, and he said nothing,” Kareeem Adam told WPVI. “Then when they see he had the crossbow and the woman was dead […]”

“I heard the news this morning, and I was hysterical,” Patricia Tyron told WPVI. “To us, he was a wonderful man.”

According to WPVI, next-door neighbors called 911 after hearing noises coming from the house.

Kuzan is in police custody.

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