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Raiders fans are the rowdiest bunch in pro football. Combine that with alcohol, and you’ve got one of the most combustible concoctions a stadium could ever bear witness to.

The probability of something powder keg’ish happening is quite good.

This bizarre fight in the stands between fans of the silver and black is a prime example. We’re not sure if or to what degree alcohol was involved, but based on the little guy’s questionable balancing act, and the fact that he knocked the sunglasses off the face of a dude twice his size, he probably had a taste or two.

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There is little explanation as to why the dude wearing the Charles Woodson jersey comes in out of nowhere and sucker punches the little guy after he just got beat down by the big guy. But as we sort of mentioned earlier, a lot of Raiders fans look like they might be out on parole, and the idea of violating it doesn’t get the slightest bit of consideration.