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A man who thought a couple was fighting, actually recorded a couple having sex in Southampton, England.

35-year-old Richard Rees pulled over at New Forest National Park to have some tea and take a quick break. Rees filmed a 10-second video that shows a man in a red T-shirt on top of a slightly naked woman.

The couple obviously never thought they’d get caught and didn’t see Rees 50 yards away.

The video is making its rounds after being filmed near Brockenhurst.

“From the car it looked like they were fighting, but when we got out we could slightly hear the woman’s moaning,” Rees told The Southern Daily Echo.

“The layby was empty. It was unusually quiet, which only amplified their soundtrack, Rees said. “They probably thought they were hidden but obviously not,” Rees added.

Rees ran out of memory and couldn’t film the entire act.

“I was shocked at first and thought I would film it for a laugh and to get some Internet hits, but unfortunately I ran out of memory storage. Otherwise I would have filmed ’til the end.”

Police are not investigating the couple.

“They were still going strong when we left.”