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Crazy video of the final moments of a 115 mile-per-hour police chase through the parishes of Louisiana shows the 18-year-old driver of a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck experiencing some serious liftoff.

The recording shows Kevonte Dekorey Austin running over spike strips, losing all control of the truck, going off road and flying up into the air as if the vehicle had bounced on a trampoline.

Austin, pictured below, was an escaped work-release participant who slid over from the passenger’s seat of the Toyota Tacoma after the driver was pulled over by police, KSLA reported.

Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office
Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office

He had been jailed for stealing a car.

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The craziest thing of all is that Austin landed on a parked Toyota Corolla with a driver inside.

Facebook/Doug Warner KSLA
Facebook/Doug Warner KSLA

“I felt around to see if I was hurt and could tell that I was okay,” Barbara Harlon said. “God was with me.”

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Harlon escaped unscathed. The video has been viewed more than 14,000,000 times on Facebook.

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