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36-year-old Brent Catterson from the UK decided to take his 8-year-old son Michael on a last minute trip four-day trip to Majorca, Spain, but didn’t give his son’s school notice that he was going to be absent.

When the Catterson’s retunred from the trip, Brent came back to a large fine from the school.

He went to the school and paid the 60 pound fine ($88 U.S.) but chose the most obnoxious way to do so.

Yup: in pennies.

“Now that’s how you pay a fine,” Catterson said in the video posted to Facebook.

In an interview with the Mirror, Catterson said:

I am a bit of a joker. I phoned up the local authority after they handed me the fine and the woman was a bit arrogant. I thought I can play that game too and I wanted to have the last laugh so I went to the bank and changed £60 in 1ps and 2ps. I told my best mate I was thinking of doing it and he dared me to do it so there was no going back from there.

When I walked in and emptied the coins the staff couldn’t believe it. A man behind the counter was laughing and a woman who was working there was looking at my with her mouth open in amazement. I read the fine sheet and it didn’t say anything about not paying in cash. The council have called me since and confirmed that I’ve paid and have given me a receipt.

According to the Mirror, Michael had an attendance rate of 91 percent.

Do you think this father’s idea was funny, or should he have just paid with bills?

(h/t Independent Journal Review)

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