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My guess is he bets he never met her.

That’s because Melissa Thomas, 24, didn’t take kindly to getting dumped by her far older, 60-something year old lover, especially since they had a son together as a result of their year-long affair.

So instead of trying to work out their issues, Thomas sent a photo of her now-ex  when he was nude, in the shower, “and sent it to his distraught wife, along with a threatening note that said, according to the Mirror: “When you call social services, let them know what your husband sent me. Good luck. You will need it when I am finished with you.”


Now, two people are in trouble.

Thomas pleaded guilty to  disclosing private sexual photographs and films with intent to cause distress, according to the Manchester Evening News.   The court spared her prison time because she showed remorse and needs to care for her little boy.

The man’s wife says she knew of the affair, and describes the while thing as a nightmare.