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This is why they call them “wild” animals.

Bonya the bear lost it’s mind and grabbed a television reporter, throwing her violently to the the ground during the  Russian TV show, Pro Lubov, which means, “About Love” in English.

Clearly, the bear didn’t get the “love” message.

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A report in The Mirror  didn’t specifically say what set the bear off (although maybe it didn’t like that hideous red and yellow hat and skirt it was forced to wear). One of its handlers can be seen giving the bear treats in an effort to keep in calm.

That didn’t work.

The bear could have been scared when the reporter approached the bear from behind and tried to touch it because that’s when the bear spun around, got hold of the reporter, and went all WWE on her. I guess they don’t teach you, in journalism school, that approaching a wild animal from behind with no warning is a bad idea.

The Mirror also reports a  cameraman can be heard saying, “”I will be staying away from the bear, just in case.”

Yep, chivalry is dead, huh?

The good news is everyone is OK.