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Jacine Jadresko of British Columbia who calls herself the “Inked Huntress” for obvious reasons, said in a recent interview with “The Fifth Estate,” during which she was called “the most controversial trophy hunter in Canada,” that she gets “200 death threats a day” from people who take issue with her killing of animals as trophies.

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Jadresko reacted to these threats by doubling down. She said hunting for sport is about conservation.

“Things so vile as people telling me they’re going to kidnap my son and I and they’re gonna skin him alive and hang him from a tree,” she said. “Hunting is not about killing for me, I have a huge respect for each species that I hunt and each animal that I harvest and they’re each very special to me.”

“In about a year and a half I hunted in nine countries and I successfully hunted 29 species,” she told CBC. “It’s very primal and natural.”

Jadresko’s Instagram is filled with picture of animals she’s shot on hunting trips with her son.

There’s been much debate in recent years due to Cecil the Lion, Harambe and so on about the ethics of trophy hunting and zoos.

Many are repulsed by the idea, especially, of taking photos with dead animals or mounting their heads on walls.

“The more you hate, the more I kill,” she’s written on Instagram. “When I’ve successfully harvested an animal, I want to remember that and […] you take a picture because it’s a respect to the animal, to remember that animal and remember the whole hunt and the whole day and everything.”

When asked during her “The Fifth Estate” interview if she would hunt an elephant and mount its head on a wall, Jadresko said yes.

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“If it would fit [on the wall]. What’s the difference between that and a deer?” she asked.

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