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Resa Woodward isn’t happy, and she’s fighting back.

Woodward, a sixth-grade teacher in the an all-girls academy in Dallas, says she was fired after an anonymous tipster told the school district she appeared in porn movies years ago.

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But Woodward says there’s more to the story, as she discussed in an interview with the Dallas Morning News.

When she was about 18, she said she lived with an older man who forced her into  pornography because of money troubles. She said she fought to get out the industry, become a teacher, as distance herself from her past. She told the district her porn activities stopped in 2001, when she appeared under the name, “Robyn Foster.”

“The sad thing is that if these girls find out that I’m being punished for something that I did nearly 20 years ago and had no control of and fought to get out of, well, what does that say about empowerment?”

According to a report obtained by the Morning News, Woodward told school officials:  “I’ve been trying to live my life as far away as possible from this stuff for a long time.”

For its part, the district says Woodward is on “administrative leave” as result of a social media posts that violated district policy. She’s active in the Texas Libertarian Party and writes under the name “Resa Willis.”

Woodward is working through several administrative options appeals to try to get her job back.