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You never know what could be chilling in your backyard.

JC Lara, 15, went out in his backyard in Cement, Okla., after hearing his dog bark to find an alarming 14-foot python.

“I come outside, and the snake is literally slithering in our yard, and I’m like ‘Oh, no, this is a dream.’ So, I shut the door and open it back up, and it’s for sure not a dream. So, I go tell my dad,”

Lara and his dad said that since many kids live in the area, they decided to shoot and bury the snake.

“My dad was like, ‘Hey, just go get the shovel,’ and I was like ‘No, we need the gun. Like, this is a huge snake.’ I didn’t know how long it was at the time, but I knew it was big enough to eat someone, you know,” Lara told KOFR.

“This is why we built the fence, for creatures not to get in and for them to actually play safe, and seeing that here is just scary,” Lara added.

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