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A two-year-old toddler drowned and police said it’s because her mother was busy having sex.

Amanda Clark is in jail after police say she let her 2-year-old daughter, Alexandria Marie, drown in the bathtub while she was in another room having sex, the Daily Mail reports.

The recently separated mother of three put her daughters—ages 23-months, three, and six—into the bathtub with some toys when her lover arrived, then went into the bedroom with him and shut the door, the Daily Mail report said.

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Just a few minutes into their interlude, the oldest child came into the room and told her mom that her sister wasn’t breathing, per the Daily Mail.

According to investigators, deputies received a 911 call at around 5 p.m. on October 23 from Clark saying her two-year-old daughter was not breathing.

Then Clark reportedly performed CPR on the child, under 911 operator instruction, until paramedics arrived. The child was pronounced dead at the hospital a short time later.

Clark’s neighbors told Fox 4 News that they support her, saying she has been distraught after her husband abandoned her.

“This was just a freak accident,” Clark’s neighbor Diane Blake said. “She was a good mom.”

After turning herself in to authorities one week after the tragic incident, the 26-year-old mom was booked into the Wise County Jail on a felony charge of endangering a child. Her bail has been set at $100,000.