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The Super Bowl is the biggest events the year. In addition to the game, the halftime show has become a must-see spectacle, with A-list entertainers like Paul McCartney (2005), Prince (2007) and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (2009) performing.

Adele will not make the list, at least not this season. Adele says she won’t perform during the 2017 game for one reason:

She can’t dance.

There is a bit more to it. The Super Bowl halftime show is a spectacle with flashy lights, elaborate stage shows, dancers and dancing. That’s not Adele. You’re not going to see her gyrating around stage. The entertainment value is as important as the music, which led Adele to say this:

The NFL has since come out and said it never presented a “formal offer” for Adele to perform.

Of course, the two sides could have been talking about the possibility, and Adele shut it down publicly during a show in Los Angeles.

Regardless, the NFL will have to find another A-list musical giant for its show.