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Just over a month after being reported missing, 17-year-old Leanna Walker of Milford, Pa. was found dead on a llama farm, confirming her family’s worst fears.

Walker was first reported missing on April 18.

A couple of weeks ago, State Trooper Connie Devens said Walker was “a missing person originally reported to us as a runaway” and that police had “no evidence to lead us to believe she has been harmed in anyway.”

Diane Walker, Leanna’s mother, believed, however, that her daughter’s boyfriend, 24-year-old Sky Michael McDonough (pictured above) had “done something bad to her.”

She would go on to tell the Pocono Record weeks back that she’d heard McDonough say “he’d burn us all down if she left him. He told her, ‘If I kill you, I’ll set you on fire.’”

“He told someone else that if she left him, he wouldn’t bury her body. He’d burn it,” she added. “I told her not to bother with him. He does weird things. He has issues.”

McDonough was arrested near the end of April on active warrants for burglary and fleeing apprehension, and he is now considered a person of interest in a potential murder investigation.

Police got into contact with McDonough after Walker went missing, arrested him on warrants unrelated to the case and allegedly obtained information from McDonough “that he had been in the company of Walker since the date of her disappearance,” according to Milford Now.

McDonough then pointed police to a wooded area and led them in circles. At one point, although he was still handcuffed, McDonough took off running. He was recaptured the next day.

An autopsy has been performed on Walker’s body and the results are pending.

A GoFundMe page was started to help with Leanna Walker’s funeral costs.

Diane Bostedo wrote the following there:

This fund started as a way for the community to help bring home Leanna Walker. A beautiful 17 year old sister, friend, and daughter who had gone missing over 4 weeks ago.

With great sadness we have learned that despite the above and beyond amazing efforts of friends, family, and community Leanna will not return to us on this Earth.

So it is with heavy heart that we must change the focus of these dearly needed funds from rescue and recovery to funeral expenses and other unforseen expenses as a result of this tragedy.

The family would like to gratefully acknowledge all your love and support so far. Together we can keep Leanna’s memory alive and help her family and community heal from this.

Please feel free to #rockonesock on May 25 with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in honor of Leanna.

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