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Poor, poor Nickelback. Will they ever not be the butt of a joke about how relatively awful something is? This time, it seems the Canadian rockers ended up having it out (sort of) with Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.

Let’s get some backstory, shall we? Yesterday, Ahhnuld posted a video on Facebook in partnership with the “issues-driven media company” ATTN:, which offered a side-by-side comparison of the approval ratings of the US Congress in its current form and things like, oh, say, herpes, hemorrhoids, and—you guessed it—Nickelback.

When Schwarzenegger went to tweet out the video, the rock quartet was quick with the retort:

Which, of course, led to a response…

And so on, and so forth:

Nickelback, in a rare moment of wisdom and, dare I say it, taste, hit Schwarzenegger where it hurts: his film career. Sure, he might’ve been the Terminator—and he was also Dutch in Predator (T2 and Predator are personal favorites of mine, which makes this next bit especially unbearable)—but he was also Mr. Freeze in what is not only the worst Batman film of all time, but maybe one of the worst movies of all time, period.

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Like, you really don’t understand. I’m offended by Batman & Robin as a human being first and a Batman fan second. Do you know what it takes for me to place my very humanity over my Bat-fandom, particularly when it comes to critiquing a Batman adaptation? It takes a whole hell of a lot. It takes George Clooney and Alicia Silverstone and Bat-nipples for that to happen.

Anyway, surprisingly smart comeback on the part of the Nickelback bros. But let’s be honest: they’ve probably perfected the art of the comeback at this point in their careers.

(h/t BroBible)