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51-year-old Sondra Earle-Kelly has been found guilty of a domestic violence charge after she beat up her husband with nunchucks when he said no to sex.

We’re imagining the encounter went a little something like this:

The Rock Hill, S.C. woman was sentenced to three years probation, according to  York County (S.C.) court records.

The victim, the Charlotte Observer reported, had blood “all over him.” Earle-Kelly  “kept coming at him, assaulting him with whatever she could pick up” after she “came in and asked him to go to bed with her,” according to the police report.

Nunchucks were among the items described as “whatever she could pick up.” Blood was on the wall in the house.

The man was reportedly watching TV at the time. His wife was taking Xanax that evening. The husband was hit in the face and head multiple times, but refused transport to a hospital.

After her arrest, Earle-Kelly showed police lacerations on her abdomen, but police believe those were self-inflicted.

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