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Gotta love live television!

On Tuesday night’s episode of “America’s Got Talent,” daredevils Ryan Stock and Amber Lynn Walker were performing their death-defying routine when the unthinkable happened.

Stock, a Canadian stuntman, started the act out easy enough by swallowing a sword and arrow, then moved to the corner of the stage and put a target in his mouth. Walker climbed up a ladder and pointed a flaming arrow at Stock, her soon-to-be husband.

That’s when tragedy struck.

Walker fired the arrow and completely missed the target, shooting Stock right in the neck as the judges, audience members and viewers at home looked on in horror.

“I’m okay. I’m okay,” Stock reassured everyone, but he was visibly shocked. He was urged to go see the EMTs, and host Nick Cannon later told the crowd that Stock had not been punctured by the arrow.

Stock also tweeted a message to fans.

“We had a serious mishap tonight,” he wrote on Twitter. “A very unfortunate mechanical failure but I am very fortunate to walk away from it.”

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“America’s Got Talent” also tweeted from their official account.

According to the New York Daily News, this isn’t Stock’s first rodeo. He started his show business career as a magician before graduation to death-defying stunts.

He also reportedly holds the record for pulling the heaviest vehicle through a hook placed in his nasal cavity and out of his mouth. It was 1,600 pounds.

We’re just glad he’s okay.