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If there’s one thing that Kurt Angle can do in his sleep, it’s wrestle. He dominated the sport as a collegiate athlete, continued his domination in the amateur circuit and even became an Olympic gold medalist.

When he finally transitioned into the world of professional wrestling entertainment, it was domination all over again, with Angle winning a total of 21 championships total, 13 of those world championships, during his time with WWF/WWE, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

While taking all of these accolades into account, it should really come as no surprise that Angle will be inducted into this year’s 2017 WWE Hall of Fame class.

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Considering this recent honor, it’s a given that Angle has put on some fantastic matches in his day. While there are so many to choose from, we’ve narrowed them down to just five.

5) Kurt Angle vs. Shane McMahon (King of the Ring 2001)

Time and time again, Vince McMahon’s son Shane has put his body on the line to make for some intense matches and this match was no different. But it was how Angle carried the match with his mixture of technicality and sheer brutality that made this showdown an instant classic.

4) Kurt Angle vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin (Summerslam 2001)

Stone Cold Steve Austin was often a huge crowd favorite, but when he turned heel as the leader of the Alliance, it was Angle’s time to step up as the top face and did he ever.

Despite Angle losing the match due to a cheap finish, the Olympic champ solidified himself as one of the most badass brawlers in the business.

3) Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar (Smackdown 2003)

An hour-long Iron Man match with the beast Brock Lesnar even at full capacity would be 58 minutes too many for most. Now try an hour-long Iron Man match with a serious neck injury.

That’s what Kurt Angle did and it made for one of the greatest matches in Smackdown history. We suggest checking out the match in its entirety when you have the time.

2) Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit (Royal Rumble 2003)

Angle’s match with the late Chris Benoit was a clinic in technical wresting prowess combined with raw emotion.

Both men gave it everything they had in the ring, but Benoit was no match for Angle’s Ankle Lock.

1) Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels (Wrestlemania 21)

Another match that showcased the dominance of Angle’s Ankle Lock. But when you go toe-to-toe with Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania, you’re in for a whole other caliber of match entirely.

With nearly 30 minutes in the ring, Angle and Michaels put on a show that had those in attendance giving a standing ovation by the end of it. If you haven’t seen this, do yourself a favor and check it out.

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