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There are so many jokes that can be made about this, but two readily come to mind. Tide to go? Low tide?

Sweet home Alabama is understandably a bit sour after witnessing the Clemson Tigers, in the expiring moments of the game, walk away with the National Championship.

A true drunken “Roll Tide” believer, fully equipped with tucked in University of Alabama polo regalia and a bloodied face, may not be all ‘Bama fans today, but we’re going to guess a significant number at least feel how this guy acted.

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The struggle was real — buddy was amped.

Thanks, Carolina Blitz, for passing along the L’s.

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He got walloped and essentially said, ‘Behold my bloody face, lend an ear to my slurred speech and know that I’m cool with the bouncer.’

Rough night.

In the second video, a female witness gave us her takeaway when the man in the video said he didn’t deserve this. “No one deserves anything. It just happens,” she said.

Somewhere Big Al is hanging his trunk in shame.

(H/t Bro Bible)

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