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Even if you’re not a huge fan of professional wrestling, you’re probably at least a little bit familiar with the larger-than-life superstar that was Andre the Giant.

Known for his nearly 20-year stint in the wrestling ring, his great drinking prowess and his role as the giant Fezzik in The Princess Bride, the late 7’4″, 520-pound Andre Roussimoff will be the subject of an HBO documentary, with former ESPN personality Bill Simmons at the helm, which he announced via Twitter Monday.

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“Going back to 2007 and 2008 when I was creating and developing ‘30 for 30’ for ESPN, Andre’s story rode the top of every single sports documentary wish list I ever made,” Simmons told Variety. 

“We always hear about unicorns these days – Andre was the ultimate unicorn. He’s a true legend. Everyone who ever crossed paths with him has an Andre story – and usually four or five.”

With Simmons’ HBO talk show “Any Given Wednesday” getting canned back in November, this may be his opportunity to make his big sports media comeback. Or at the very least, we’ll get to figure out whether or not that story about Andre, who died back in 1993 from heart failure, drinking 156 beers in one sitting is true or not.

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