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Warning: NSFW for minor nudity and overall terrible behavior

A woman who reports say caught her husband with a younger woman tore off her clothes and forced her to parade naked through the street, based on a video that is making the social media rounds.

Even though reports say the woman’s sons cheered her on, neighbors were so appalled they called police, according to a report in the Daily Star.

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The wife, from Brazil,  supposedly caught her husband and the young lady together  and when she did, she lost it. The wife, according to the report, wrote on social media:  “I do not give a damn what they think. I’ll show you how you deal with the traitors of a married man. I just got this (expletive) with my husband, ex-husband from today.”

The other woman claims the man told her he was single, and they’d been together for months.

The wife was later arrested and faces up to 10 years in prison on a number of charges, according to the report.