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Today, those who really don’t care whether Tom Brady and the New England Patriots rack up another championship win or not are chomping at the bit to see this year’s Big Game commercials. And while we’re sure there will be some decent ones, we doubt any can come close to touching the greatness of Cindy Crawford’s iconic Pepsi ad from 1992.

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At 50 years old, Cindy Crawford is still as hot as ever, but there’s nothing like reminiscing back to 25 years ago when she showed up to that gas station, bought a Pepsi and blew viewers everyone away with her sexiness. Well, besides the two kids who were more impressed with the new can design than Cindy Crawford’s cans, but to each their own.

Needless to say, this Super Bowl commercial from back in the day was a huge hit. So much so that they bought Cindy back 10 years later to do a Diet Pepsi commercial. And yep, Cindy just never seems to age.
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