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There’s been a disturbance in the force…

Sike, I’ve always wanted to say that. But seriously, it looks like somebody involved with the production of Star Wars: The Last Jedi aka Episode VIII might’ve leaked the trailer—or at least some teaser footage. Per BroBible:

Mike Zeroh, who has a history of breaking Star Wars spoilers, came across a post that was an alleged leak of the premise of the trailer’s premise on 4Chan, but was quickly taken down. The post has shot-by-shot details of the upcoming trailer, but again nothing is verified so this is merely a rumor.

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Here’s Zeroh’s take on the footage:

And, courtesy of GamesRadar, we’ve got a transcript of sorts, which makes the upcoming film sound absolutely, completely bonkers:

The teaser reportedly starts with “Finn waking up from a nightmare/coma” closely followed by a Poe Dameron appearance with Poe saying “They’re here” which sounds ominous, doesn’t it?

The main scene from the trailer is a man in black (rumoured to be the role Benicio del Toro is playing) firing on a “procession of mourners” in a city, with Poe, Finn, a new character (played by Kelly Marie Tran) and BB-8 looking shocked (or as shocked as a droid can look).

Captain Phasma also makes a welcome return, ordering Stormtroopers to find the attacker, before, holy shit, Snoke is revealed, without CGI, in a room with General Hux. Snoke being revealed in the first trailer would certainly throw down the gauntlet for the rest of the trailers in the run up to the movie’s release.

Snoke asks Hux “Is he alive?” before Hux replies “Barely.”… The plot thickens further as Snoke says “It’s time for a family reunion.”

The trailer takes a slightly less dark turn as Finn bursts into a meeting with Leia and says “They’re back,” with Leia replying, “I felt it.”

Holy shit! I wouldn’t be at all disappointed if even one of these details turned out to be true, and we’ve just fed you a series of major spoilers; this all seems amazing.

(h/t BroBible)