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Now that Arian Foster is retired from the NFL, it would seem that he’s got plenty of spare time on his hands. But after looking at some recent social media posts, we’d say he’s got maybe just a little too much time to think about random tomfoolery.

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Take for instance this past Sunday, when Foster took to Twitter to discuss his interest in going camping. The only setback for him is apparently the wildlife.

Now we understand the concerns and totally get where he’s coming from, or at least we thought we did, until he went on to go on a tangent about hypothetically encountering a wolf, engaging in a fight with one and then winning said fight.

After reading Foster’s tweets, he does present a pretty valid point…sort of.

Our only concern is, with all of his focus on wolves, what the hell would he do if he encountered a bear? Our bet’s on the bear.

(h/t Maxim)