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Ariel Winter is a soon-to-be 19-year-old (her birthday is Saturday) and she’s already lived one hell of a life.

She’s a star of a hot TV show, Modern Family. She’s been open about having a breast reduction, and she’s taken to Instagram to show off her figure because she’s proud of it.

Now, she’s posed topless for Self Magazine in untouched photos:

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She did the shoot, she says, because she wants everyone to know she loves her body — a huge step for a young lady you has been the victim of body shaming nad has had some self esteem issues.

She credits her co-star, Sofia Vergara, and her big sister, Shanelle Workman (who she lives with) in helping her understand she should be comfortable in her own skin. She told Self Magazine:

“I would listen to (my sister)  talk to me, saying, ‘It doesn’t matter what other people think. You are who you are. It’s not going to change. Love yourself for who you are. People are going to hate regardless of what you do. You could conform to everything they say, and they’re still going to find something to pick. Or you could be yourself and be happy and not listen to what they say.'”

Good advice.