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Serving as yet another indication that the world is going all sorts of crazy lately is the recent news surrounding the tragic beating of NASCAR Spring Cup driver Mike Wallace. Mike and his daughter, Lindsey, were attending a Rascal Flatts concert in Charlotte, North Carolina on June 17 when they came across three men in the parking lot after the show.

According to reports, Mike asked the three men how they liked the show, and a fight ensued, with Mike suffering a concussion, losing three teeth and getting 12 stitches while in the hospital. The three men have now been “arrested in connection with the assault,” according to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

“It scares us to think we can’t even go to a concert together without someone going to attack you or what’s going to happen next,” Mike’s daughter Lindsay told WSOC-TV.

“(When) I woke up, I see my daughter laying on the ground, which is devastating for a father,” added Mike, the brother of Rusty and Kenny Wallace. “I mean, that’s the worst thing in the world.”

Two of the assailants were charged with misdemeanor simple assault, while the third man was charged with misdemeanor assault on a female, according to police records.

“It’s a weekend we did not plan on having,” she said. “I could think of a lot better things to be doing on Father’s Day, that’s for sure. The physical side is going to heal. The bruises are going to heal. There’s doctors gonna fix things, but now it’s the emotional parts. You see these flashbacks knowing there are people out there.”

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