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We’ve got only a few more days until the crazy year that has been 2016 peaces out with the drop of a ball and a midnight makeout sesh. But we’re not quite out of the woods yet, as this dumpster fire of a year still has the potential to sneak in one last nasty blow before 2017 in the form of some fake and possibly deadly booze being brought in Eastern European gangs.

It sounds like a subplot for a corny action flick, we know, but it turns out that actual criminals are shelling out fake vodka, whiskey, gin and brandy to liquor store owners desperate to cash in on the holiday uptick in alcohol sales while paying less for the product.

Customs officials confiscated almost 200,000 gallons of the stuff over the past year and chemical testing has shown that some batches contain ingredients such as chloroform, methanol, cleaning fluid, nail polish remover, paint stripper, petrol, drain cleaner and antifreeze. Aka, the makings for a pretty bad time.

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The gangs have been seriously cashing in on the counterfeit alcohol business, even in some cases abandoning the drug trade for the latest venture, but officials have been cracking down big time. Just last month, more than $2 million of phony liquor was seized in East Midlands Airport in the UK.

But there’s still likely tons of the nasty stuff out there. All the more reason to celebrate New Year’s responsibly this year. Or you could always just lock yourself in your house until 12:01 a.m. on January 1.

(h/t Mirror)

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