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No, this isn’t something out of “Star Wars” or the last “Call of Duty” video game. What began as a Kickstarter-funded campaign initiated by Malloy Aeronautics turned into a joint venture by the U.S. Army and Marines with the plan to bring the idea of a hoverbike to reality.

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According to The Daily Dot, the project is aimed at bringing a delivery service to the battleground, similar what Amazon is doing now on the commercial level. The Army has disclosed that a full-size version can haul a 300-pound load at more than 60 miles-per-hour. Malloy released a video of the prototype back in 2015, which is when the idea of the thing first created a buzz.

But the government has bigger plans for the device and is hoping to increase the range to 125 miles and the payload capacity to 800 pounds. Once completed, this could literally change the way we fight wars. Oh, and did we mention? It’s pretty badass too.