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Recently, we’ve gotten rather acquainted with the ingenious craftsmanship of the fellas over at Taofledermaus. Through some pretty epic target practice sessions, they have been known to show off some fairly unique shotgun shells in the past.

This time around the slug of choice is a CNC machined brass slug, weighing in just shy of an ounce at 24 grams, aptly named “Bionic Brass.” With the slugs being made of brass, they do not explode or disintegrate upon impact, as traditional lead slugs do. Taofledermaus claims these were the most powerful slugs he’s ever tested, and that’s saying a lot.

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They put the slug through a few tests from an un-rifled barrel to see how they’d perform, and surprisingly they did pretty well. But, to increase the accuracy and add some spin to the shell, they used a rifled choke (also known as a paradox).

One thing was certain among all of the tests, this shell is capable of doing some serious damage.