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Katherine Lowe walked into her birthday party 100 years old. When she got up to dance, a few of those decades slid right off.

Lowe, known by her friends and family in Hawaii as Tutu, celebrated with a luau and a live hula performance…one that she joined.

“She sang and danced gracefully with a twinkle in her eyes and a spring in her step,” family friend Siana Burgess told The Huffington Post. “It was truly one of those ‘Aloha’ moments when you catch a glimpse of the true Hawaiian heart in all of its beauty. It was shared and received with so much love appreciation and joy.”

Lowe has done a lot of living in her century on this planet. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, she quit her job at Dole to train to become a firefighter at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. Photos of her on the job there have been published in magazines and history books.

Tyler Waldman |