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Move over Drake and JLo, there’s a new celeb couple on the block. And this pair’s absolutely exceptional—if not for their respective talents, then purely for the fact they’re together in the first place.

Anthony Bourdain, famed chef, writer, ex-junkie and Guy Fieri hater extraordinaire, is currently on the record as being in a relationship with tatted-up, generally badass, hot-as-hell Italian starlet Asia Argento. If you think you’re not familiar with Argento’s acting career, think again: aside from having minor roles in flicks like Land of the Dead and Marie Antoinette, the 41-year-old, who also sings, models, and directs, is most famous for her role as Yelena in the action-packed 2002 shitshow of a blockbuster xXx. That’s right, we’re talking the Vin Diesel masterpiece—the so-bad-it’s-good-but-not-really-because-it’s-legit-horrible film about an extreme athlete-turned secret agent named… wait for it… Xander Cage. God, what a wonderful, terrible embodiment of everything wrong with the film industry. Oh, and Argento also played Lucy in 2012’s Dracula 3D.

This was the one single good thing that happened to me in 2015 #Ricciola #Amberjack

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Je suis né par hasard et compensation

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Love you 3 times

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Last night in Tokyo, learning Shunga. 東京最後の夜は春画の勉強だよ!

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Okay, so maybe Tony’s not dating Asia Argento for her acting prowess. It really just seems like he’s attracted to badass women. The 60-year-old celebu-chef has only just recently separated from his wife Ottavia Busia, an MMA fighter. Busia was quoted as saying, “My husband half-jokes that he married Sophia Loren, but ended up with Jean-Claude Van Damme.”

So yeah, looks like Tony’s got a thing for strong women—I mean, really strong women. And when he met Argento, he fell hard and fast.

According to Page Six:

Bourdain recently shot an episode of his show “Parts Unknown” in Rome with Argento — and the Italian press has reported the two have fallen for each other.

One site said they’ve “fallen in love,” and Italian magazine Chi ran pics of the pair walking hand in hand and also passionately kissing after shopping at a local market.

In a December CNN post about his Rome TV episode, Bourdain wrote, it “would not have been possible — or be anything like it is, without the truly magnificent Asia Argento.”

Congrats to the happy couple. We can’t help but wonder—given Argento’s plethora of ink (seriously, how hot are those tats?) and Bourdain’s record of notoriously shitty, hastily done, poorly conceived tattoos—if these two are, perhaps, planning on getting inked together in the future. Oh, we certainly hope so.

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