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If you were planning on lifting a trucker’s cell phone any time soon, learn from this man’s mistakes and plan a better getaway.

It starts out great for our criminal mastermind as he executes a slick pantomime of receiving a phone call before getting onto his scooter to begin his getaway. That’s where it all begins to unravel.

First, the truck driver and victim of the theft was not fooled by the perp’s acting. Then, the thief obviously skipped escape planning day at heist school as he turns around and starts down the same street towards the mark he should be leaving in the dust. His terrible internal GPS sets up a terrifying encounter with the would-be victim waiting for him in the middle of the road. Finally, karma fells this poor crook by way of a flying kick to the chest from the world’s most fearless trucker.

A faster getaway vehicle, an easier mark or even a through street would have spelled success for Mr. Scooter. Instead, he will be having nightmares about the time he tried to rob Bruce Lee’s doppelganger.