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Enjoying pizza and beer from the comfort of your couch is great and all, but just imagine if you there was some way for those wonderful things to get delivered to you so you wouldn’t even have to move a muscle.

According to Engadget, the folks over at Pioneer Works, a non-profit foundation, have created a robot named Funnie that can do exactly that.

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They debuted Funnie at the Software For Artists event this past Sunday in Brooklyn, New York. The robot traveled to a nearby pizza shop and local bodega to order food and drinks, pay for them and deliver the items to the guests.

If you’re thinking that you’ll be able to have your very own pizza-and-beer-fetching robot by this time next year, think again. There are currently delivery bots beginning to hit the streets, but one that offers the experience of the Fundroid doesn’t look to be delivering on a wide scale anytime soon.

But until that time comes, we’ll just be over here, sitting on our couches — hoping and waiting.