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This is how you sell a fight.

Heavyweight boxers David Chisora and Dillian Whyte will meet for the British Heavyweight title Saturday, but they decided to give fight fans a little taste of what’s to come first.

The two held a press conference Wednesday and things took a violent turn when Whyte, the 27-year-old title holder, threatened Chisora.

“If I see you anywhere, I’m going attack you,” Whyte told him. “Even after the fight.”

Naturally, Chisora didn’t react well to those words, and actually picked up the table he was seated at like¬†some kind of¬†superhero and hurled it at Whyte.

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Chisora explained himself in a subsequent interview.

“Fight talk is fight talk. You can say anything you want about me,” said Chisora, 32. “But one thing you cannot do is threaten a man’s life. Saying you will see me after the fight. Then I will get upset.”