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Ever wonder just how a girl gang can have that uhh-may-zing brunch pic showing up on your Instagram feed without one of its members missing? How did your friend from high school get that ridiculous picture of herself in the middle of nature with nary a soul in sight? Well, there’s a certain class of guy willing to go to untold lengths to help his lady get that perfect shot—and now, you, I, and the rest of the world can make fun of him with Boyfriends of Instagram.

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The feed, themed perfectly for our postmodern, selfie-flavored existence, embodies a fitting and hilarious send-up of guys who go out of their way to get the ideal snapshot of their ladies. For example:

That’s a definite “A for effort,” right there.

We all either know a dude who’s been conned into taking a picture like this, or we’ve been there ourselves. This Valentine’s Day, we salute this poor breed of bro.

The real social media heroes, though? The third parties taking these pictures.

(h/t BroBible)