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Is Jennifer Aniston pregnant?

InTouch Magazine claims that the 47-year-old actress is pregnant with her first child.

“She’s pregnant,” a source reported to the magazine. “She and Justin are ecstatic. Jen has wanted to have a baby with Justin for years. Their baby news came at a bad time in her life, too — she just lost her mother, and she and Justin almost broke up. But now this surprise pregnancy has turned the worst of times into the best of times.”

Aniston was photographed while on vacation in the Bahamas that has fans questioning.

In the photos, Aniston’s body is on full display. What the magazine claims is a bump, could be mistaken for her firm physique, but Daily Mail talked with a source who saw the couple vacationing together. This eyewitness claims that Jennifer, “Kept her stomach covered the entire time they were walking even though it was incredibly hot and beach nearly deserted.”

Don’t get too excited about the idea of a baby, though. Reps for the couple have yet to confirm the news.

This isn’t the first time Aniston has been “pregnant” either. Rumors of the actress’ impending motherhood have been swirling for years, even before she wed Justin Theroux in 2015.

In 2015, Elle magazine did a deep dive into the public’s interest in what’s going on or not going on in Aniston’s uterus.

I think it has to do with her image, the fantasy of her as the perfect girl next door,” psychotherapist Jeanne Safer, PhD said at the time. “Therefore, she’s a very traditional feminine role model. She’s nice, she’s warm, she’s healthy, she’s natural…so it pulls for some very traditional female roles.”

“I think we’re uncomfortable having any woman not have children,” Safer continued. “Particularly when she’s attractive and feminine, because it goes against our notion of what a fulfilled woman, what a feminine woman, is supposed to be like.  Even now there’s a feeling that there’s something wrong with your love gene if you don’t want a baby…. I have no idea whether she’s chosen or not chosen to have a child, but I think the world has chosen for her that she ought to want one.”

Until she confirms she is expecting, we’re going to hold off on our congratulations.

It very well could be a food baby. She is on vacation, after all.

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