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Sometimes people can stumble upon some crazy things on the Internet, things that completely boggle the mind. That’s definitely the case her with the YouTube fan-made film, simply titled: Darth Vader VS Buzz Lightyear.

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Who in their right mind would ever imagine the space ranger from “Toy Story,” going up against the Sith Lord himself, Darth Vader? The guys over at Nukazooka, that’s who. After all, these are the same guys that brought us Pokemon Go Gets Too Real and Super Mario: Underworld.

One would think, without a doubt Darth Vader would absolutely slaughter Buzz, but they actually managed to get a pretty badass battle scene from the two. But our initial inkling was accurate, as Buzz was launched to Earth, where he was discovered by a badge-toting friend of his.

All-in-all a pretty awesome job from these guys, we recommend checking out some of their other stuff.