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Hillary Clinton slammed Donald Trump’s failed businesses in a speech Tuesday that anointed him with a new moniker: “King of Debt.” Speaking to an Ohio crowd, Clinton said she prefers the “old fashioned” way of leaders telling the public what they plan to do.

Clinton said she’s laid out a “detailed agenda” that people can find online, taking a not-so-subtle jab at her Republican opponent, who is known for not being very transparent about his plans.

The Democratic nominee called Trump’s ideas on foreign policy and the economy “dangerous.” She said Trump “shouldn’t have his hands on our economy” because he will “throw us back into recession.”

Clinton also weighed in on Trump’s past comments about women in the workplace, specifically honing in on comments he made about female workers who have children.

She also ridiculed him for his failure to release his tax returns.

Singling out his “America First” line, Clinton zeroed in on a laundry list of Trump’s businesses that do not manufacture products in the U.S., something Trump has criticized other companies for doing.

Adding to the “King of Debt” nickname, Clinton added some wit to the speech when she noted Trump has written a lot of books about business, but “they all seem to end at Chapter 11.”

In typical Trump fashion, he took to Twitter to counter Clinton’s comments during the speech.

Trump plans to address Clinton’s judgement Wednesday, in what he’s calling a “big speech.”

Yolanda R. Arrington |