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Tim League, the CEO of Austin, Texas-based Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, is not a fan of an upcoming feature on Apple’s iPhone. Speculation of a setting called “Theater Mode,” which is rumored to be included in the next iPhone update, has League a little on edge.

While he seems secure in the fact that Apple CEO Tim Cook would not give his customers an easier way to text in his theaters, League makes it known that he is prepared to fly to Apple headquarters in Cupertino, CA to make waves if necessary.

This is not the first of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema’s attempts to discourage patrons from using their phones during movies, kicking out customers caught using their phones during a movie. One customer found to be in violation of the no-texting policy left a voicemail for the theater that was re-purposed into a PSA as part of a series the Drafthouse calls the “DontTalk Collection.”

Hilariously upset Tim League shouldn’t really worry, though. The Hollywood Reporter notes that Apple’s patent implies the setting could be designed to automatically dim the screen and limit cellular capabilities while inside the theater and could even offer incentives to keep customers’ phones in their pockets.