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Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly rode the worst kind of roller coaster Monday night as he was riding super high in the first half against Florida State. He had his team up 28-13 and looked invincible, but the second was all downhill as the Seminoles would go on a 33-0 run including their touchdown at the end of the first half.

Kelly would go on to throw three picks and he couldn’t connect with his receivers in the second half until it was too late. It looks like another late night connection might cost him his dignity now as well. Apparently he tried to slide into porn star and FSU super fan Mia Khalifa’s direct messages. That was a bad idea because she definitely called him out on it.

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It would seem next week can’t get here soon enough for the Rebels and Chad Kelly. Kelly already deleted his Twitter account because of it and that will probably keep him off social media for a long time.

[h/t 247Sports]